Mgeno Ranching

Mgeno Ranch is one of the 37 ranches that dots the landscape of Taita Taveta County covering an area of 53,000 acres. It’s geographically located in Mwatate Sub-County, Taita Taveta County. The ranch boarder, Choke Ranch, Teita Sisal Estate and Mgeno grazers in the west in Mwatate Sub-County. Izera ranch and Teri B Ranches in the North East and


Livestock rearing is the core business undertaken in the lowlands in addition to subsistence farming for areas outside the ranch or the national park. However, livestock has not really been undertaken on a really commercial scale as expected due to low capitalisation. This may be attributed to low share contributions from shareholders, and lack of skills for resource mobilisation.

Mgeno Ranching

Fattening of steers

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Breeding of steers

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Goats and Sheep Breeding


Establishment of eco-tourism activities and diversified agro-enterprise / Production  of non-traditional agriculturally related goods — Aloe and Wild silkworm. The involvement of local community in these activities help to boost and increase their incomes. 

Establish a tourism enterprise. Tented camp. Number of tourists and bed nights per year. Income generated relating tourism activity. Contracts and agreements with tour operators and other tourism establishments.

Establish a tourism enterprise.


Establish a bio-fuel plantation.

Production of Wild silkworm.

Diversified Agro-Enterprise


Mgeno ranch lies on the plains/lowlands of the district. The elevation varies within 450 to 600 m a.s.l,  There are a few hills that intersperse the ranch. The area is served by an earth road linking Mwatate to Kasigau, that passes through. Teita Sisal Estate. Mgeno ranch lies within the Mwatate river drainage basin, with the river forming the boundary between it and other ranches on the southern end.

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“To become a market leader in livestock production and nature-based enterprises.


“To undertake sustainable utilisation of available resources in ranching and nature- based enterprises for the optimum benefit of its shareholders.”

Mgeno Livestocks and wild animals Water Point

Some environmental challenges facing the Ranch