Mission and Vision Statement



“To become a market leader in livestock production and nature-based enterprises.”



“To undertake sustainable utilisation of available resources in ranching and nature-based enterprises for the optimum benefit of its shareholders.”



    1. To raise the level of livestock production three-fold within five years.
    2. To diversify the ranching enterprise into other profitable ventures such as tourism and agribusiness / agro-entrepreneurship
    3. To raise the level of efficiency in the management of the ranch“
Mission and Vision Statement

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Ranches in Taita Taveta County

Ranches in Taita Taveta CountyThe Mgeno Ranch is an Agricultural Directed Company based in Mwatate Division of Taita District, it...
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Livestock traders from Taita-Taveta

Livestock traders from Taita-TavetaLivestock traders from Taita-Taveta mostly keep beef cattle and are commonly found on the lower regions of...
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Mgeno ranch lies on the plains/lowlands of the district. The elevation varies within 450 to 600 m a.s.l.  There are...
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Corporate responsibility

Contribute towards the social well-being of the community through Involvement in lobby activity for better policies either directly or indirectly....
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Livestock rearing is the core business undertaken in the lowlands in addition to subsistence farming for areas outside the ranch...
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