OUR PARTNERS The Mgeno Ranch is an Agricultural Directed Company based in Mwatate Division of Taita District The history of the ranch dates back to 1970 when the ranch was started. The ranch was registered with the Registrar of Companies. It has a shareholding of more than 300 people and with a work force of 52 staff and 10 board members.  With a total of 53,000 Acres of land. 

We have partnered with different organizations and relevant government bodies.

Some of our Key partners includes:

    • County government of Taita Taveta
    • Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
    • Mgeno National Youth Service (NYS)
    • Carbon Credit
    • Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS)
    • Livestock Marketing Division (LMD)
    • Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO)
    • Local Communities

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Ranches in Taita Taveta County

Ranches in Taita Taveta CountyThe Mgeno Ranch is an Agricultural Directed Company based in Mwatate Division of Taita District, it...
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Livestock traders from Taita-Taveta

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Corporate responsibility

Contribute towards the social well-being of the community through Involvement in lobby activity for better policies either directly or indirectly....
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Livestock rearing is the core business undertaken in the lowlands in addition to subsistence farming for areas outside the ranch...
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