MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMANI welcome you to Mgeno ranching company and we assure you great success and joy in investing your shares us. We have a base of more than 700 ( seven Hundred ) Members who are shareholders to the company. Our shareholders are have fully understood our core business and also embraced this wonderful journey of livestock keeping and other valuable land use businesses in Mgeno Ranch in Taita Taveta County. 

Apart from livestock business the company earns revenues from conservation of trees and wildlife. We have partnered with wildlife works to conserve and manage our environment and ensure the area is carbon free.

Mgeno ranching company has a board of nine directors elected by shareholders from the regions of Chawia,

  1. Wusi Kaya Iyale,
  2. Kidaya Ngerenyi,
  3. Sagalla,
  4. Kishamba Mwachawaza,
  5. Kishamba Dembwa and
  6. Mwatate region of Taita Taveta County .

The executive board consists of

  1. The chairman
  2. The Treasurer
  3. The Secretary

The company has an office in Mwatate town manage by an administrator and another office within Mgeno Ranch manager by Residence manager and a team of 56 staff.

Our future plans is to increase fats stocks and steers from other regions outside Taita Taveta County like Kajiado and North Easter parts of Kenya. This will enable us develop  to class breeds and also increase the number of sheep and goats.

we usually have an annual general members of shareholders meeting to give out annual reports and share dividends from the company profit. Members also deliberate future plans and ranch development. So far we have witnessed more uptake of shares and existing members increasing  their shareholding capacity,  shareholders are confident  more interested in the way the ranch is been managed.   

I once again invite you to come and sample our livestock products as a buyer and also feel free to contact our offices anytime for more details on what we offer. To members we assure you we shall endeavour do our best to make Mgeno ranching company a choice of many for all livestock products.


The Chairman

Mr. Bong’osa Mcharo  

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